Friday, January 18, 2008


1. I thought it was a pretty ok assignment. I was able to do it easily because its easy to write about personal my opinion. I dont know if i like writing a personal essay of fiction better because they both come oeasy to me. I think i was suprised at how fast i was able to write one because normally with the word essay the word long also appears. The only reason i dont think i'd just write one for the hell of it is because they are not really needed in my every day agenda.

2. I think reading is very important. NO writer has JUST STARTED writing they had to have been influenced by something at some point. Whether it be by a add in a news paper, a poem by Robert Frost, or a novel. I think if you dont know how to read (and i dont just mean literally i mean actually take and gain things by reading) you probably arnt that good of a writer. All musicians have inspirations if one tells you they dont they are lying and all authors have been inspired one time or another.

3. This year i wrote a peice called revoloution that was pretty cool. I liked the way i formated it.
2. I would say poetry because i enjoy it and think im pretty good at it.
3. If i didnt like it i wouldnt write it i like everything i've ever writen because i wrote it. that doesn't make it good but the fact that its mine is good enough for me.

4. NO idea?
1 Coke
2 Weezy
3 Arbys
4 Chipotle
5 Both are disgraces to music
6 LA
7 Desaray (dez-a-ray)
8 Tre (tray)
9 First place was beleize
10 I wouldnt
11 NO idea cuz i didnt look

Monday, January 7, 2008


I beleive If you can't find something to live for find something to die for. I dont feel i need to explain that either because it really explains itself.

2.I think one of the most shocking news i heard was when the fires happened in california because i have familly there. One of my uncles had his house burnt down in the fire so it kinda hit close to home. I wouldnt say the event changed me at all but because i dont really watch the news it was probably the only news that would have had any effect on me at all.

3. This year i started all over again. I've decided to take my music to a more serious level and stop doing little things. I realized that if you want to acheive anything in the music buisness you have to go out and straight take it yourself because no matter how good you are nobody will give it to you. I've decided to make a name for myself in music...Period. cuz im the S*&@

Thursday, December 20, 2007

What it dooooooo

I thought that writing a play in general was difficult, i thought the fact you had to add so much stage directions and tone of dialouge was kind of time consuming . I thought that it was really dull too because you kind of loose interest in what your writing due to spending so much time just focusing on where the characters stand and how they are talking.

2. I woukld write it about my life and important expiriances that changed who i am. I would also talk about people that played major roles in my life.

3. I would tell him these things
1. DOn't trust just anybody people are not generally good
2. dont use number one as in excuse, just because not all people are good doesn't mean you cant be
3. keep insight so you can see for themselves
4. Dont ever let sombody tell you what you can and can't do
5. No matter what hustle you chose GO HARD

Monday, December 10, 2007


I dont think theme is nessasarry for a story to be good. I have read alot of short storys that are made for more symbolic reasons instead of straight forward meanings. In some genres of writing i think that a theme is nessasarry such as adventure novels and horror storys because sometimes those kinds of storys can be a little more confusing than others. Some storys that concentrate too much on the plot lack in other smaller things and cause them to even still be less interesting to the reader. I think that in the end it comes down to what kind of read you are looking for.

Monday, December 3, 2007


I think the main problem in the world is ignorance. All around the world people are ignorant the higher class people pay no attention to the lower class people. Alot of people think that by going to a soup kitchen once a year, putting coins in the christmas drop, giving clothes to the salvation army will cure what they call the poor "problem". But is the problem the poor or the ones who ignore them. The firm lockheed martin is the head of the welfare system, but this welfare system forces parents of kids in lower class places to leave up to 2 hours away to work in rich prodominatly white communitys, so next time you go to cinnabon, or any of those other places you go you could be buying your food from a mom unable to take care of her kids and the U.S. is to ignorant to fix it.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


1.I beleive that happiness is the satisfaction with the events of your life. I would also add that happiness is a feeling or emotion thatcan be caused by many different things in life such as a hobbie, a board game, or just a song you hear on the radio. Another thing i would explain is that happiness is something that can be taken away from you. The last thing i would say is that life i about finding happiness.

2.I would say what makes me happiness is making music. The greatest satisfaction in my life is when i've gone to the studio and spent a solid six hours on a track then come out with a great new song. I like the feeling of accomplishment. I also find it very appealing to be able to listen to your own material.

3. I would say my parents, cousin Erik, and Aunt Sally have had the greatest influence on my happiness. My parents started me out in music at a young age and my cousin and my aunt have given all they have into getting me shows, getting me onto a lable, and just moral support in general.

4. I think my mom is somebody whose happiness or lack of have a great effect on. When i do something good it makes her very happy, but when i do something bad it usually is serious and has a large effect on her.

5. My greatest need in life to fame and money. Ever since i was a kid i'd been told to stop rapping or that i wasn't good enough to be a rap artist (which is weird because most "big time" rappers suck) andever since i was six a big part of me just wants to prove i can get there.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

End of quarter prompt

1. My favorite part of this year by far was the poetry unit. I thought that it was fun to have a whole unit on something that i do for a hobby.

2. I would say poetry is my strongest type of writing by far. I've been writing poems since i was a little kid, also im a rap artist so i incorperate poetry into my every day work. Most things i see i put into poems so you could say i get inspirations all the time.

3. I've learned that it really helps to have a period just for writing in my day. I am very self driven with my writing and i like doing it aswell which makes it fun. It doesn't take much to get me to start writing so i never felt like i had to write something it was more like a privledge.

4. Music.